Goff’s Caye


Goff’s Caye is off the coast of Belize City. It is 1.2 acres of sandy land. It sits right on the edge of the Belize Barrier Reef with waters to the south and east being only 2 to 10 feet deep (0.6 to 3 m). Goff’s Caye is registered as an archaeological site due to its Colonial era settlement. During the Colonial times, the island served as a fishing camp, trade center and cemetery.

Goff’s Caye is one of the few small islands in Belize that is not privately owned. The island is considered public land and is managed by the Coastal Zone Management Authority and Institute. It is frequently used by Belizeans and cruise ship tourists for recreational purposes.

The reef off Goff’s Caye is considered to be one of the best representatives of a healthy reef system. The area to the northwest of the Caye is known to be a foraging area for sea turtles.

Goff's Caye Belize

Goff's Caye Reef Belize