Half Moon Caye

Half Moon Caye


Half Moon Caye is located about 50 miles (80 km) south-east of Belize City at the southeast corner of the Lighthouse Reef Atoll, the outermost coral atoll of Belize’s three atolls.

The Half Moon Caye Wall is a well known dive spot called the “6,000 feet of vertical abyss”. Within this structure, divers will be able to see a diversity of marine life including corals, garden eels, sponge formations, eagle rays, sea turtles and groupers.

The littoral forest on the caye is composed primarily of the orange-flowered Siricote tree, a habitat that supports one of the only breeding grounds for the Red-footed booby in the western Caribbean. It is Belize’s oldest wildlife protection site, designated as a bird sanctuary in 1924 to protect the booby’s habitat.

It is also a habitat tor the endemic Island leaf-toed gecko, also known as the Belize Atoll gecko.
The south-eastern part of the island serves annually as a sea turtle nesting ground from May to November for the Loggerhead, Hawksbill, and Green sea turtles.

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