Virginia Caye


An English pub landlady looking for her next challenge after selling up, bought this Caye. After her arrival in January 2014, Willow renamed the island, which is 5.5 miles due east of Hopkins, Virginia Caye.

It had been left to deteriorate for years following an aborted attempt to clear it. The lush green mangroves had been hacked, the white beaches were littered with rubbish and the traditional buildings were rotting and near collapse.

Willow said: “My aim is to restore the paradise with a limited budget, a passion for restoration, a love for the Belizian people, an army of continuously rotating volunteers around the world and locals who share my desire.

“Life on Virginia Caye is simple, with work to restore it taking place daily and ranging from litter clearance, building restoration – a role taken mainly by craftsmen from the mainland, helping the local economy – planting mangrove seeds to restore the shore line defenses and land reclamation with the aid of a wheelbarrow and muscles.”