Spanish Lookout


Welcome to Spanish LookoutA trip to Spanish Lookout, is a trip to Toys ‘R’ Us for adults. There’s everything a DIY enthusiast could want. You can buy every tool, from a lawn mower, to a combined harvester and any construction materials & supplies you could need, from a bag of cement, to a ready made home, delivered to your door. No, wait, the door comes with it!

The Mennonite community in Spanish Lookout is mostly modern. They use cars and other modern conveniences, though you will always also see Mennonites with horse and carts. Overall, Spanish Lookout appears more like rural North America than Central America, with wide open, beautifully kept spaces. The Mennonites speak a version of German as their mother tongue. Most also speak English and Spanish.

In 1958 Kleine Gemeinde Mennonites from Mexico moved to Belize. They objected to a new social welfare law in Mexico and arable land was more readily available in Belize.

The main road into Spanish Lookout is from the George Price Highway, via the Iguana Creek Bridge. It is also accessible by dirt road from Central Farm, near San Ignacio, via a hand cranked ferry.

See Home & Garden & Automotive for Spanish Lookout retail outlets.

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Spanish Lookout ferry