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Belize (The name)
The actual origins of the name Belize are unknown, but the two most accepted theories are:
1. If you look at the old maps collection in the Library of Congress. Belize was called Balize or Baliz, in the 1600’s. Belize was actually the official name before British Honduras.
2. It is a place name from several locations in western Africa (Cameroon and Angola) that was carried over to Belize by enslaved people. If you look at a detailed map of west African countries you will see the river and the town of Belize, spelled exactly the same as our country. This is currently the most accepted explanation in academic circles.

So when is rainy season?
Most people will tell you June to December, or something like that, is rainy season, but that is not correct. So lets get this straightened up for once and for all.
Dry season is February to May. The peak tourist season.
Hurricane season is June to October, which means, it usually only rains when a tropical wave, tropical storm or hurricane hits Belize. It is otherwise sunny and dry.
Rainy season is November to January, coinciding with the greatest drop in temperature in the region, when it can drop to a friggid 70F during the day and a teeth rattling 60F at night! (Bring your winter woollies!)
Although those are officially the seasons, nothing is set in stone. Any of the seasons can vary considerably, due to factors like the jet stream being further north or south than usual. La Niña. Butterflies in Africa or a whole host of other factors.

2nd. longest
The Belize Barrier Reef is the 2nd longest in the world, after Australia’s Great Barrier Reef.

World’s narrowest Street
The Guinness Book of World Records recognized the “Placencia Sidewalk” as the narrowest street in the world.

Mayan empire
In the hay day of the Mayan empire, Belize had a population in the millions! It now has a population of around 350,000. Less than most small cities in the US, for the entire country!

Keel-billed motmot
The only known surviving population of this bird, in the world, nest on the sides of the Maya structures at Caracol.

Capital of Belize
The original capital of Belize was St. George’s Caye, at that time, (1700s) called Caio Cosina.

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