Birds of Belize


Belize is a bird watcher’s paradise! If you are wondering about the likelihood of seeing these exotic birds in Belize, well let’s put it this way. I have seen nearly all of the birds on this page. Ok, a few of the rarest were at Belize zoo, but the rest, I have come across at one time or another in daily life, many of them as visitors to my garden or soaring above it. This is just a small fraction of the 300 plus species found in Belize.

Toucans – All 3 species

Keel-billed toucan Collared aracari toucan Emerald toucanet

Parrots – All 10 species

Scarlet macaw Yellow-headed Amazon Red-lored Amazon Yellow-lored amazon Yellow-naped Amazon White-fronted Amazon Olive-throated parakeet Mealy Amazon Brown hooded parrot White-crowned parrot

Hawks, Owls, Vultures, Fowl

Harpy eagle Ornate-hawk eagle White-tailed hawk Gray Hawk Roadside hawk Ferruginous Pygmy owl King vulture Black vulture Turkey vulture Lesser yellow-headed vulture Great curassow Crested Guan


Brown pelican Great-Blue heron Double-crested Cormorant Green Heron Red-footed booby Brown booby Laughing Gull Magnificent frigatebird Jabiru stork Wood stork Snowy egret Northern jacana American coot Black Bellied Whistling Duck

Garden variety

Blue-crowned motmot Plain-breasted ground dove Great-tailed grackle Masked Tityra White-collared seedeater Hooded warbler Squirrel cuckoo Grayish saltator Tropical Mockingbird Summer Tanager Green jay Yucatan jay Brown jay Keel-billed motmot Great kiskadee Social flycatcher Vermilion flycatcher Red-capped manakin Groove-billed Ani Gray Catbird Baltimore oriole Indigo bunting Painted bunting Oropendola

As of January 1st. 2016, it became illegal to capture or keep parrots. A licence must be obtained from the forestry department for any parrots already held captive before that date. It is illegal to keep all other species of bird. If you have one taken from the wild and want it properly introduced back into the wild, assuming its endemic to Belize, contact Belize Bird Rescue. They are experts in doing a ‘soft’ release over time. Simply putting a parrot back into the wild, is a death sentence. It will not know where to find food and will be attacked by other parrots. Its a slow process reintroducing them.

Belize Bird Rescue. Tel: 610 0400 – No questions will be asked. Web site