Belize Butterflies & Moths

Butterflies & Moths of Belize


One of the things about Belize, that is going to astound you, is how many butterflies you see on a daily basis. Coming from Europe, I got excited at seeing one, maybe once a month there. Here, you can’t step out into your garden without seeing at least several and at times dozens of different varieties. Then on occasion, you are treated to something really special, like the Owl butterfly with its 8 inch wingspan and huge “eyes” on its back, or the stunning Blue Morpho, or the intricate doily like patterned Clicker butterfly. Or even some of the massive moths, that can have wing spans of 6 inches or more. It truly is one of the delights of living in Belize.


Zebra Longwing Queen Butterfly Postman Butterfly Julia butterfly Gulf Fritillary Gray Cracker Banded Peacock Peleides Blue Morpho Malachite Owl Butterfly Costa-spotted Metalmark Butterfly Adelpha Butterfly


Polka-dot Wasp Moth Rothschild's Silk Moth Peacock moth

Be careful, many caterpillars in Belize sting. As a general rule of thumb, the more colorful the butterfly or moth’s caterpillar, the worse the sting. The bright green hairy ones in particular, give a nasty sing.

Want to attract butterflies? Here’s some plants that will: Mexican flame vine • Milkweed • Cosmos • Zannia • Wild sage • Periwinkle • Dill • Fennel • Blue Vervain. Many, especially the larger species, like rotting fruit. Plantains left to rot on the plant become a hive of activity.