Shipping to Belize

Shipping to Belize

Something you will notice when you live in Belize, is that everything you buy is either a cheap Chinese rip-off of the real thing or what has failed quality control in the US, yet is sold here at full price or quite simply, its way over-priced!

So the way we get around that, is to order from amazon and have it sent to a Belize shipper that has a warehouse in the US, and brings down a container load every month. Customs is taken care of by them and you pay a small fee to the shipper based either on size or weight of the article you ordered.

Step 1. Order what you want from amazon.
Step 2. Have it sent to your chosen shipper’s US address.
Step 3. Wait for the shipper to contact you that your goods have arrived. Some are pick-up from their local warehouse, some deliver to your door.

Its that easy!

NameUS locationBelize officeBelize telephoneWeb
Belize Concierge & ShippingLos Angeles LADelivered to door+501 630-2615Web
Belize FreightHouston TXDelivered to door+501 223-2746Web
Belize ShippingNew York NYSee web siteSee web siteWeb
Cayo CargoLos Angeles LASanta Elena, Cayo+501 824-3864Web
Discount AutoArlington TXSpanish Lookout+501 823-0330Web
Easy Shipping to BelizePort Charlotte FLSee Facebook pageSee Facebook pageWeb