Bugs of Belize

Creepy Crawlies and flying bugs of Belize

Lucky us! We have 2 of the 4 most painful stinging insects in the world, living with us in Belize, according to the Schmidt sting pain index. The Tarantula hawk & Drumming wasp. (The other two being the Japanese giant hornet and the Bullet ant). The good news is, neither of them are aggressive and will mind their own business, if you mind yours.

At least in my case, scorpions are a far bigger problem, having been stung 4 times to date. Thankfully, each time has been less painful. As for spiders, really no worries there. I’m actually surprised at how few I see and when I do, they are harmless Orb weavers. Have only seen one tarantula in 5 years, though others will tell you they see many, however, they rarely sting.

The worst for most people are mosquitoes, sand flies and no-see-ums. Don’t ask me what a no-see-um is, I no-seen-um yet! Doctor flies are common and many people react quite badly to their bite, while others are not affected by them. Suffice it to say, there are many, many bugs in Belize. I’ve listed some of the most common, interesting and run screaming species.

Mexican red rump tarantula Wolf spider Tropical orb weaver spider Spined micrathena Centruroides gracilis scorpion Amblypygi Tarantula hawk Drumming wasp Doctor fly Trigona bee Cicada Katydid Short-horned grasshopper Roseate skimmer Band-winged dragonlet Aedes aegypti Harlequin longhorn beetle Kissing bug Elephant Beetle Botfly Giant Metallic Ceiba Borer Peanut Bug Peruvian Shield Mantis Fire ant Leaf-cutter ant